NFL scores 2017: Live results, highlights, and more from Week 3
It was A WILD DAY, everyone. The Jaguars and Ravens got Sunday started off early in London — or at least the Jaguars did. In the first international game of the year, the Jags destroyed the Ravens, 44-7. Most of the games that followed us a ridiculous moment, a ridiculous ending, or both.

Here’s everything you missed, both on and off the field.
Protest updates

Here’s a racing list of the players who contradict following President Trump’s critical comments of the NFL. Most teams have issued statements, as well.

Alejandro Villanueva, a U.S. Army veteran, was the lone Steeler on the field during national anthem.

FOX did not show genuflect players during the Falcons-Lions game. Rico Lavelle, the national anthem singer at the game, took a knee and raised his fist at the end of the song.

LeBron James shows support on Instagram for NFL players respondent during national anthem.

LeSean McCoy expansive to warm up during the national anthem.

Trump tweeted that players locking arms shows solidarity, but that kneeling is “not acceptable.”

The Seahawks said they will not partake in the national anthem, respondent “injustice that has plagued people of color.”

Travis Kelce took a knee by anthem, too.

Sean Payton says the White House needs “a little bit more wisdom.”

Trump told correspondent on Sunday that his comments on NFL player protests “have ought to do with race.”

The Raiders’ entire offensive line will exception during the national anthem on Sunday Night Football.

Dolphins and Jets players embraced their “platform” following Trump’s comments.

The Jaguars pulled off a consummate fake punt while up 37-0 on the Ravens.

Ageless Shane Lechler boomed a 68-yard punt against the Patriots.

The Bills’ first touchdown of the season was a hilarious accident.

DeShone Kizer’s mom got videobombed by a Browns fan practicing his sensual air guitar.

Jadeveon Clowney ended his consummate fumble recovery TD versus the Patriots with a Gronk spike.

The end of the first half among the Bears and Steelers gave us a blocked kick, fumble at the 1-yard line, illegal bat out of the end zone, a false start, and it ended in a field goal. Trust us, it was nuts.

The Dolphins were already having an awful day versus the Jets. It got worse with this fake punt interception.

Browns receiver Jordan Leslie pulled off an Odell Beckham Jr. impersonation for his first ever NFL catch.

Speaking of Odell Beckham Jr., he became the quick receiver in NFL history to record 300 career catches. He also simulated to be a dog peeing to celebrate a TD.

Tom Brady threw a believably unbelievable TD pass to Brandin Cooks for last-minute win over the Texans.

The Texans lost in mortal fashion, but at least Deshaun Watson has emerged as a legitimate star.

Von Miller got flagged for doing the “too slow” move on Tyrod Taylor.

Tarik Cohen almost scored the Bears’ game-winning touchdown in overtime, but Jordan Howard got the honors instead.

Eagles rookie kicker Jake Elliott MADE A 61-YARD FIELD GOAL to beat the Giants.

The Lions lost to the Falcons forasmuch as of a 10-second runoff. Here’s why.

Things somehow got worse for the Lions: there was a food fire after their loss.

Richard Sherman was collapse three times on the same play. Later, he hit Marcus Mariota late out of place and caused a scuffle.

Check out this sick spin move by Rishard Matthews on his way to a touchdown for Tennessee.

Aaron Rodgers let the Packers sideline know that he thought this play was a “stupid f**king call.”

Tony Romo enumerated the future again on a run play in Bengals vs. Packers.

The Bengals were languish for 12 men on the field, even though one player was running off. Here’s why.

Aaron Rodgers course the Bengals for the first time ever, got his first grace period win ever, and he did it all in dramatic fashion.

Chiefs fans took over with a chant at end of Chargers’ game in LA.

Kareem Hunt outstretched the ridiculous start to his NFL career.

Terrelle Pryor took out a camera guy and a kicking net on a 12-yard catch.

Kelvin Benjamin was taken to the locker room and did not come-back with a knee injury. However, he’s expected to be OK.

Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy left with an ankle blow but later returned. Linebacker Lavonte Davis was carted off the field with an ankle wound. X-rays after were negative.

Darren Sproles broke his arm in the Eagles’ win over the Giants.


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