One of the best parts of any main Showtime boxing game is the ‘All entry’ documentaries that are aired in the weeks prior.

Showtime camera crews are often afforded limitless access to a fighter’s camp as they ready for some of the biggest challenges of their professional lives.

The documentary features are, for avowedly MMA fans, not far off the UFC’s Embedded series but often born with a lot more TLC, and glitz.

anybody  that watched the All Access form in the lead-up to Floyd Mayweather Jr’s massive bout with Manny Pacquaio will tell you how much they whet the craving.

The first ‘All Access’ feature for the August 26 clash between Mayweather and UFC lightweight keeper Conor McGregor will air on Showtime next Friday, July 28.

The story will feature insights from both camps and follow both McGregor and Mayweather on the voluminous  world tour the embarked on – taking in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London – to raise the fight.

The live, daily broadcasts drawn viewers in their millions and generated headline after headline, incident after Event. The tour went from the pompous highs of Toronto to the tawdry, mud-slinging lows of Brooklyn and had lots of notable moments in between.

There will be further barge of All Access as the fight nears but the upcoming episode should help with anyone endurance from constant #MayMac update withdrawals.

BT Sport are also set to air an elaborate Mayweather vs. McGregor feature before gloves are contacted, next month, in Las Vegas.

‘Doubt Me Now’ will, again, peculiarity footage from the world tour, pearls of knowledge from both camping and  analysis from some of the best boxing and MMA reporters out the

Mayweather vs. McGregor  live stream tv


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