MHR Live: What happened to Trevor Siemian in Week 3?
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What arrive to Trevor Siemian in Week 3? We have the answer and it is fixable.

The Denver Broncos open as 2.5 favorites at home versus the Oakland Raiders.

Raiders mastermind Derek Carr has started five games versus the Broncos, he has six touchdowns and four interceptions in those games. He has also been sacked 12 times in those five games.

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(the Denver Broncos are still the best team in the NFL)
Here is what happened to him in Week 3

Trevor Siemian earned his (ironic) college nickname of ‘Touchdown Trevor’ while momentary for 27 touchdowns in 44 games at Northwestern University. His (ironic) nickname got even more ironic this season when Siemian blazed a path through the first two weeks of the 2017 NFL season with six passing touchdowns.

Then he fell back down to earth, wax exudation from his fingertips. So, what happened?
Time from Snap to Throw:

This is a metric that ProFootballFocus uses, but it is not an official metric. What they measure is the time from a snap to the quarterback pass. In 2015, New England Patriots mastermind Tom Brady got the ball off in an astounding 2.16 seconds against the Kansas City Chiefs in the sectional round of the playoffs. Unfortunately for Brady, that season Von Miller’s quickest time to a mastermind was 2.10 seconds.

In this metric, Trevor Siemian averaged the 33rd worst time in 2016 (Paxton Lynch finished 11th), with a time of 2.65 seconds. It is what led to everything being worse for Siemian, the offensive line looked worse, the running game was worse and Siemian took on a lot more sacks (and turnovers) than he normally would have.

Through two weeks Siemian was acquirement the ball out of his hands in 2.44 seconds. In Week 3, Siemian needed 2.96 seconds.

The 2.44 second ‘snap to throw’ time manufactured some gaudy red zone numbers as well for Siemian this season in Week 1 and Week 2. Through two week in 2017 Siemian has 9 entirety on 11 attempts (64.29%) for 70 yards, six touchdowns and no interceptions. In 2016, inside the 20 Siemian was 28 of 55 (45.90%) for 164 yards, ten touchdowns and one interception.

Siemian’s Week 3 time of 2.96 seconds was the worst of his vocational career. The only time in his career in which Siemian has topped his 2017 Week 3 totals was in Week 15 of 2016 in a game against the New England Patriots. In that game Siemian had a ‘snap to pass’ time of 3.16 seconds, you will remember that Denver famously lost that game 16-3, Siemian posted a state line of: 25 entirety on 40 attempts for 282 yards, no touchdowns, and one interception. Siemian was sacked four times that day.


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