Do Tyrone play with Cathal McShane or Mattie Donnelly forthcoming? I don’t figure you do, in light of the fact that you could meet Dublin not far off again and you’re giving them a dry rushed to plan for this sort of set-up.

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On the off chance that you lose by going with your most grounded outfit, you’re mentally destroyed going into an All-Ireland semi-last six days after the fact.

Subside Harte is conveying two dark cards, do you chance him missing a semi-last?

Diarmuid Connolly has rejoined the Dublin board

Jim Gavin will consistently go to win. I don’t think a misfortune is beneficial for him at any stage, whatever the conditions.

In a year they are offering for five of every a line, you don’t hazard losing. In any case, do you chance Fenton, McCarthy, Kilkenny, McCaffrey?

I believe he’s in a position where he can present a couple of changes: Costello, Lowndes, Brogan. Connolly, on the off chance that he is to play this season, ought to be in the squad this end of the week.

Mickey Harte and Jim Gavin won’t disregard the challenge however I can’t see them playing their most grounded groups, or for Tyrone’s situation, utilizing their most grounded arrangement of play.

I figure Dublin will win it however you will have a waiting game.

There’s nothing to play for here actually however I sort of think there is.

On the off chance that you take a gander at it from a Cork perspective, they’ve had a season nobody saw coming. After they were consigned to Division 3, they made it to the Super 8s, they put it up to Dublin, they botched a genuine opportunity with Tyrone.

They were games they wouldn’t have been given any opportunity in whatsoever however they progressed nicely.

I do believe it’s significant that they beat Roscommon. It would give them genuine driving force going in to next season.

These are actually the kind of games that they have to win – a group around their very own level, that they ought to beat, that they have tumbled down against before. It would give them splendid vitality for one year from now, rationally it would be beneficial for them.

Anthony Cunningham won’t have any desire to lose this last game. They finished the Super 8s wretchedly a year ago.

Brian Hurley and Michael Hurley are conveying thumps. In the event that they are, it would genuinely hamper Cork’s odds however I think regardless i’ll go for them.

I think Cork football has turned a corner, with their U20s in the All-Ireland last and their minors in a semi-last.

Cork v Roscommon? TV channel

Cork v Roscommon? TV channel

Cork v Roscommon? TV channel


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