Undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather will undoubtedly be contending on the yearly New Year’s Eve card for the RIZIN MMA advancement in Japan at RIZIN 14, and he will go up against one of the world’s greatest kickboxing sensations in Tenshin Nasukawa. Regardless of some forward and backward since an underlying declaration that left everybody extremely befuddled, Mayweather v Nasukawa met with the media on Thursday at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas to affirm they will square off in the exceptional issue.

Given the varying controls of the two contenders, the essential inquiry since this all started to unfurl had been what kind of session this will be. While few out there held out expectation that Nasukawa would be permitted to use his savage kicks, that will, obviously, not be the situation. Amid the presser, the official standards of the battle were uncovered, and of course, this display battle is explicitly custom-made toward the style of the 50-0 Mayweather.

The display will be included three, three-minute rounds

The presentation will be challenged under straight boxing principles

The two contenders will wear standard RIZIN 8-ounce gloves

The session conveys with it a 147-pound weight limit

There will be no judges to score the session at ringside

Regardless of the result of this full-contact display, the outcome won’t be fixing to either warrior’s authentic record

Once more, of course, this display is developed to exhibit Mayweather in an unexpected setting in comparison to we typically observe him. All things considered, that didn’t prevent correspondents from addressing why the principles are so uneven as he vies for a MMA advancement on a yearly MMA card. At the point when inquired as to why Nasukawa isn’t allowed to use his savage kicks he’s turned out to be so acclaimed for, Mayweather went off on a remarkable self absorbed tirade about how this is about him, while in the meantime shooting down the pipe dream some had of him consistently contending under blended hand to hand fighting principles.

“I’m going to state this by and by: everything is dependably on my terms. I’m the A-side, dependably,” Mayweather said. “I’m not going to battle in a MMA ring. In the event that I do battle in a MMA ring – boxing as it were.”

Appropriate from the earliest starting point, this whole arrangement has appeared to be simply a disorderly exposure stunt. With only weeks to go until the point that this goes down, we’re not by any means being given any noteworthy motivation to accept something else.


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